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The 5 Dynamic STONEGRILL® Dining Concepts: Ready to transform your business? Whether you’re just starting out, or looking for a refresh, we have a solution that’s a game changer.


A simple ‘plug-in’ system

A wildly popular option, this simple ‘plug-in’ system can connect with any common menu style and help to lower kitchen costs, increase sales and lift the levels of profit and food offering.

The Classic range is served with the 752deg stone. From a limitless collection of meats, poultry, fish and vegetables your menus can effortlessly follow any style and offer diners that healthy, amazing STONEGRILL® taste.

STONEGRILL® is so versatile it has been used on small ships, by mobile caterers and even hunting lodges where creating amazing food would normally be impossible. It also works well in Pubs and Taverns or places that are open 24/7; saving businesses thousands of dollars, while still delivering exceptional quality food.


A more traditional style

A more traditional style using a combo of premium boards for elite large mains like ‘surf and turf’, and double STONEGRILL® gastro plates for other mainstream classics like custom grills, duck, chicken and a huge variety of meats.

A true steakhouse or chophouse restaurant can change its atmosphere and room energy instantly with a 752deg stone format. From a large rib on the bone to the most delicate lamb chops, or even premium poultry like quail and pheasant, this cooking style gives a completely unique dining experience. That versatility is why this is one of today’s fastest growing styles in the STONEGRILL® range.


A massive global trend right now

Share plate (also known as small plate) menus are a huge global trend right now, and this STONEGRILL® style makes it easy for you to ride that wave – either by integrating it into your existing brand, or making it your next start-up!

At a STONEGRILL® share plate style restaurant, guests order a custom selection from the menu, or receive a “Chef’s Selection”. Their assortment of fresh, smoked, cured and pickled meats, fish and vegetables is presented to them around centrally placed stones, allowing guests to STONEGRILL® to their individual liking.

All the benefits of being on-trend, without the extra-intensive kitchen activity!


A super-hot trend

Fusion has been a super-hot trend for a number of years. However, this luxury style of dining has stepped beyond being simply a trend and has become a solid performer that can establish and grow a sustainable, profitable business.

Popular among Millennials and with almost endless flavor options, this style caters to a huge customer base.

The Global Fusion concept makes it easy to combine different cuisines from different regions, like Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, BBQ, Spanish and many more. It’s easy to add a unique and exclusive option to your guest experience by offering amazing flavors from around the globe. One of our most popular menu items in this style is ‘STONEGRILL® Japanese Fusion’ with Wagyu and seafood at its center. With STONEGRILL® your imagination is the limit.


You tell us

A complete tailor made turn key package to meet your needs. We know that our customers love to customize their equipment and menus; as not all food trends, themes and concepts can fit into one box. With this in mind, we have our STONEGRILL® Bespoke Custom system that we can customize with you, for any dining style, ready for seamless integration into your new or existing property.

It’s both a science and an art to create a menu that transmits the right emotional connections from the moment a diner sits down until the moment they leave – knowing they will return. Let us help you to achieve a stand-out experience that will keep people coming back by working with you to design the perfect STONEGRILL® format to fit your vision. We will support you with recipes, menu design and all the right equipment to turn your dreams into a brand you will be proud of.

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