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StonegrillTM is the hottest concept in dining within the hospitality industry. Freshly grilled meals with a sensational taste and presentation unique to Stonegrill. Offer something amazing in your restaurant – it’s simpler than you think and gives you the freedom that you need without hidden costs.

Get the competitive edge

In today’s highly competitive restaurant trade, it is essential to obtain a competitive edge and to attract and keep new customers.

Stonegrill® is an innovative concept and system with unlimited potential. The System enables you to offer customers a new, exciting and healthy style of dining that creates atmosphere, increases patronage, and reduces staff, preparation and energy overheads to improve business viability: – giving you “The Competitive Edge”.

The Stonegrill® System can easily be incorporated into existing restaurants without expensive kitchen modifications.

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The Stonegrill Concept

The method of cooking food on stones can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians and Vikings. In 1985, through the introduction and development of it’s Concept and System, Stonegrill International Pty. Ltd. have refined and perfected this age-old idea for the modern-day diner and restaurateur.

Served cooking at the table on super-heated natural volcanic stones, these specially selected stones, chosen for their high heat retention, are heated in our purpose-built Stonegrill® ovens. The high temperature obtained with the Stonegrill® Method, sears the product faster and locks in the natural juices and nutrients, enhancing the full flavor and tenderness of all foods.

The unique “dry cooking” method, uses no added fats or oils and sears the food without burning. It ensures a clean, and completely natural food flavor, not achievable with conventional cooking methods.

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6 Outstanding Reasons why


The STONEGRILL® food service system saves time, labor costs and money. With less prep time, the kitchen labor costs are significantly reduced. Any meal can be prepared within minutes by an apprentice or kitchen assistant, taking enormous pressure off of the chef.


The innovative STONEGRILL® system increases table turnover and customer spend while creating a unique, quality guest experience. Large groups can be served quickly and effortlessly and can eliminate peak hour kitchen pressure.


STONEGRILL® delivers your business a distinctive, proven point of difference from your competition. No other hospitality venue can provide the STONEGRILL® experience in your protected area.


STONEGRILL® produces less waste. Accurate portion control gives you the ability to save up to 25% in meat portion costs. And your guests will enjoy the health benefits of fresh, natural produce with no added fats, oils or artificial flavors. Maximum nutrition, true taste, a quality product every time.


The flexibility of the system excites the imagination of chefs, as there is an endless choice of fresh foods that can be cooked on the Stonegrill®, such as seafood, meats, poultry, vegetables or fruits.


Cooking with STONEGRILL® your customers are in control. Their steak, chicken and seafood can be cooked to precisely how they like to eat it. It can easily be tailored for people with specific dietary requirements.

Dynamic Stonegrill Dining Concepts


A wildly popular option, this simple ‘plug-in’ system can connect with any common menu style and help to lower kitchen costs, increase sales and lift the levels of profit and food offering. From a limitless collection of meats, poultry, fish and vegetables your menus can effortlessly follow any style and offer diners that healthy, amazing STONEGRILL® taste.


A more traditional style using a combo of premium boards for elite large mains like ‘surf and turf’, and double STONEGRILL® gastro plates. You can offer classics like custom grills, duck, chicken and a huge variety of meats. From large rib on the bone to the most delicate lamb chops, or even premium poultry like quail and pheasant.


Share plate (also known as small plate) menus are a huge global trend right now, and this STONEGRILL® style makes it easy for you to ride that wave. Guests can order a custom selection from the menu, or receive a “Chef’s Selection”. Offering an assortment of fresh, smoked, cured and pickled, presented to them around centrally placed stones, allowing guests to STONEGRILL® to their individual liking.


This hugely popular concept makes it easy to combine different cuisines from different regions, like Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, BBQ, Spanish and many more. It’s easy to add a unique and exclusive option to your guest experience by offering amazing flavors from around the globe. With STONEGRILL® your imagination is the limit.


We know that our customers love to customize their equipment and menus; as not all food trends, themes and concepts can fit into one box. With this in mind, we have our STONEGRILL® Bespoke Custom system for any dining style, ready for seamless integration into your new or existing property. We will support you with recipes, menu design and all the right equipment to turn your dreams into a brand you will be proud of.

What our clients say...

It sets us apart from the rest

Frosty & Fox Hawker House

Frosty & Fox was born in the Summer of 2020, over 2021 we have developed the Hawker House brand alongside Tony Scott & Stonegrill NZ to produce a truly unique East meets West, street food & Stonegrill experience.

Our menu features New Zealand’s original Asian fusion Stonegrill Bentos, so diners can experience Stonegrill in a new and exciting form.

Stonegrill allows us not only to operate our wages at a lower percentage than our competitors, it also ensures we can cut our ticket times and ensure a higher efficiency to our service. The fresh concept, and amazing Stonegrill cooking method, ensures our guests not only come to eat, but come for an interactive dining experience.

From families (the kids love learning to cook on the Stonegrill) to the oldies and couples alike, everyone loves to get involved. Our fusion Stonegrill menu showcases not only individual classics but sharing plates, bentos, fondues & street food, Stonegrill is great for dietary requirements and the ultimate in healthy cooking, with no added fats or oils.

We ensure our wastage stays to an absolute minimum, using rolled meats, smoking & portion control which allows us to keep good food costs in a climate where costs are ever rising!

We are forever grateful for Tony and the whole team Stonegrill for the huge help and support over a very challenging first year, we now have a thriving little business with a great customer following.

Our vision is to be the Mounts ultimate, unique social dining experience, without Stonegrill that would not to possible, it sets us apart from the rest and ensure we create an exceptional dining experience for our guests – Every Time!

Thanks Team Stonegrill!

Frosty & Fox Hawker House
Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Incorporating Stonegrill

StonegrillTM stands solidly on its reputation worldwide…

We invite you to incorporate StonegrillTM into your existing business, or create a new venture fully supported by our international network.

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