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Frosty & Fox was born in the Summer of 2020, over 2021 we have developed the Hawker House brand alongside Tony Scott & Stonegrill NZ to produce a truly unique East meets west, street food & Stonegrill experience.

Our menu features New Zealands original Asian fusion Stonegrill Bentos, so diners can experience Stonegrill in a new and exciting form.
Stonegrill allows us not only to operate our wages at a lower percentage than our competitors, it also ensures we can cut our ticket times and ensure a higher efficiency to our service. The fresh concept, and amazing Stonegrill cooking method, ensures our guests not only come to eat, but come for an interactive dining experience. From families (the kids love learning to cook on the Stonegrill) to the oldies and couples alike, everyone loves to get involved. Our fusion Stonegrill menu showcases not only individual classics but sharing plates, bentos, fondues & street food, Stonegrill is great for dietary requirements and the ultimate in healthy cooking, with no added fats or oils.

We ensure our wastage stays to an absolute minimum, using rolled meats, smoking & portion control which allows us to keep good food costs in a climate where costs are ever rising!

We are forever grateful for Tony and the whole team Stonegrill for the huge help and support over a very challenging first year, we now have a thriving little business with a great customer following.

Our vision is to be the Mounts ultimate, unique social dining experience, without Stonegrill that would not to possible, it sets us apart from the rest and ensure we create an exceptional dining experience for our guests – Every Time!

Thanks Team Stonegrill!

To say that Stonegrill encourages repeat business to Degree Bar would be such an understatement, we have guests who dine with us weekly, never deviating away from their favourite meal, to the point where we can have it delivered to the table as they seat, from watching them walk through the car park.

We even have regulars whom dine annually with us from many different countries around the world.

Stonegrill has also enabled us to deliver a more professional and speedy service to our function department, every function and events menu or package has been designed around our Stonegrill offerings which never fail to deliver that wow factor and element of uniqueness to corporate dinners.

I must admit your early predictions of increased turnover, reduced costs and speed to table left me a little doubtful until we witnessed firsthand the genuine impact of introducing Stonegrill dining.

The uplift was immediate and as you are aware we required the use of a second oven simply to keep up with demand. Combine this with a high degree of both back up service and technical advice and there is little doubt that Stonegrill is, and will remain a big part of our business positioning for a long time to come.

Overall we cannot acknowledge Stonegrill and all the associated benefits hightly enough and would not hesitate to endorse Stonegrill to any interested party in the future.

LavaRock Cafe and Restaurant has been doing well for the last 6 years, with operating the fashionable and healthy Stonegrill concept alongside our existing menu. Many customers come back again and again for Stonegrill and frequently bring in their friends and relatives for the experience.

We can commend the company and endorse the product and concept and urge anyone who has the opportunity to try a Stonegrill, it’s very worthwhile.

The Renmark Hotel’s Stonegrill Restaurant recently received the Banrock Station Big River Country 1999 Award for ‘Restaurants’. We are very proud of our achievements and Stonegrill is certainly exceeding our expectations.

Just a short note to thank you for looking after us so well at the installation of our Stonegrill system. Our night time dining has increased considerably; it is so amazing how much difference Stonegrill has made at the Peppinella.

Customer acceptance and reaction to the Stonegrill has been excellent. Liquor sales per cover have also risen by 40% as our Stonegrill customers now include a higher proportion of more affluent patrons and the serving staff take more covers, have more time to serve drinks and earn better tips. Last month our food cost was 26% and kitchen wages 21% – down 11.

It’s the Stonegrill which is making the news. Guests cook their own choice of food to suit their own taste. In the Bistro and Bar, 70% of all meals served are Stonegrill.

The Events Hotel for Sydney – specialises in Stonegrill because we’ve found no matter where people come from they all enjoy the taste. JB’s Bar & Grill, is famous for it’s sizzling Stonegrill steaks and cooling ales.

We have had people actually searching our Restaurant out because of the Stonegrill. Village Grill Restaurant has been opened for almost 2 years now. And can you believe our profit margin has increased in the last 2 months more than ever before.

I sincerely believe that the newly found success at the renovated Leagues Club can be fully attributed to the inclusion of Stonegrill Dining at the Restaurant. In fact Stonegrill has generally helped the Club with increased patronage, memberships and wine sales; apparently the best figures they have seen in years.

It is extremely likely that a second Stonegrill oven will be needed very soon to keep up with demand on busy nights. What makes it so good for me is seeing return business as well as diners new to the Stonegrill concept enjoying their meals. With Stonegrill we can guarantee the quality of our product at all times.

I am very pleased to report that the reaction from customers to this new style of dining has been fantastic! The Stonegrill offers a quick, healthy and relaxed style of dining.

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