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Went here [Frosty & Fox Hawker House, Mt Maunganui, NZ] for lunch on Wednesday and what a fabulous lunch it was too! I chose the Stonegrill ‘Surf & Turf’ fat prawns and tender Wagyu steak, which I cooked to perfection on that sizzling hot stone. Such a fun way to dine along with a lovely chilled Rose wine. We are planning another Wednesday lunch adventure here so we can try some of the other menu items and a couple of the Gin cocktail choices too. Great Food, Great Service & Great Fun

This is a very cool way to do a restaurant [Frosty & Fox Hawker House, Mt Maunganui, NZ] and it caters to all. You could have a taste of the Asias, while someone else might go for a more western style. The hawker rolls are absolutely fantastic and just the right size. And the hot stone grill is truely something else. The ability to see the food cooking in-front of you on a 400 degree piece of stone is very very cool. It is like a teppanyaki table just for you. I would happily come here again.

We dined at your restaurant [Frosty & Fox Hawker House, Mt Maunganui, NZ] last night, wow firstly the service from the waitress was next level awesome, she was friendly, helpful and engaging.
Next was the food which was delivered swiftly and absolutely delicious, everything, and amazing Stonegrill, thank you chef. One of the best dining experiences in Mount ever. Will be telling all our friends to go, and will see you again soon!

We’ve visited a few times since my first review in 2016 and WGK never disappoints. They care about more than just the food and so the service and interaction and knowledge of their wait-staff is every bit as top-notch as the food is.

We’ve loved our meals, and always left wondering what all the other meals on the other tables taste like! For a bit of theatre, pick the Hot Stonegrill. I thought that as you’re ‘cooking it yourself’ it would be good, but not special. But I was wrong. Whether it’s the cuts, or just how it all works together, the Stonegrill is exceptionally flavourful as well as being an engaging and entertaining way to eat!

My husband and I went out to Agave restaurant on the coast to have lunch where we had a unique experience. On the menu there was Stonegrill lamb or chicken with an option of prawns and scallops – not knowing what this was we ordered it. To our delight out came a stone with chicken and another with the lamb and the seafood on another stone plate. The waitress showed us what to do and the meat and seafood was so moist and tender – what an awesome way to cook your meal. This has prompted us to contact you to see if we can buy one for home for our dinner guests. I understand this is not possible so we will just have to take our family and friends to your Stonegrill restaurants to show them this wonderful healthy experience.

My wife and I have taken our friends to the Fox and Ferret in Palms, Christchurch on many occasions to introduce them to Stonegrill and we all love it. It’s a different way to eat and you make the meal exactly how you like it. We also go to Styx and Stone in Northwood, Christchurch. They also have Stonegrill. We take our two boys there and it has become their favourite restaurant. The service is excellent and the meal prepared and presented quickly. You can have a meal there in a short time and yet not feel like you are rushing. It’s a great treat at a very reasonable price.

With regards to our Stonegrill experience at the Southern Cross in Wellington, my partner and I frequently go to the restaurant just so we can order the Stonegrill platters. They are a fantastic way of cooking food and provide an interactive and creative dining experience – plus they always taste amazing.

My partner and I always rave on about the Stonegrill at Southern Cross to friends and family and encourage them to go try it. It’s definitely one of our favourite things to eat in Wellington and on a sunny day you would be struggling to find something that could beat a cool beer and a hot Stonegrill outside. We think you have found a niche in the market and it would be great to see more Stonegrill operating in places around NZ.

I am absolutely in LOVE with Stonegrill dining! I am such a big fan, my partner and I go to restaurants just because they have Stonegrill. Please open more. You can’t get better than a meal where every bite is freshly cooked the minute you put it in your mouth. So fresh & so healthy too.

Greetings from the US. I am interested to know more about introducing Stonegrill to the USA. My family lived in New Zealand for a year back in 2001 to 2002 and our favourite restaurant became a local in Merivale. At first out of convenience to where we lived and good beer on tap, but it didn’t take long for us to become addicted to Stonegrill eating. When we travelled in New Zealand, we stopped wherever we saw the Stonegrill sign including small country towns like Glenorchy, Geraldine.

We have just returned from a 3 week visit back to NZ where we ate 4 times at the various Stonegrill restaurants. The fellow at the Brewers Arms remembered us from our many nights there and knows how enthusiastic we are. By the way our picky eater son is crazy about the process and eats more at a Stonegrill dinner than any where else.

This was our first experience with stone grilling and we thoroughly enjoyed it. My friend and I ordered the mixed grill beef, lamb, pork and chicken and our husbands had the seafood combinations. However we all happily shared what we had ordered and were equally impressed. The presentation was exceptional with side salads and several different types of cooked vegetables. All were cooked to perfection. We were very impressed to see that the Stonegrill kept the meat hot, juicy and tender even though we dined and took our time with the meal. We spend 6 months each year in Wanaka, New Zealand and the other 6 months in Oregon, USA. Great to see there is a Stonegrill in Wanaka now and wish there was one in Oregon.

We went to your Auckland Stonegrill on Sat night to try out their entry in the Wild Food challenge. Delicious paua/whitebait fritter on the stone, and then I had venison. Their menu selection on the Stonegrill is fab and really well presented. I really do love the whole concept and flavour and its well worth the 45 minute drive even with the children who love Stonegrill.

We were first introduced to Stonegrill at a small pub in Masterton, New Zealand. We had two tremendous meals there, probably the best restaurant prepared steak and chicken we have ever had. That was on our honeymoon in 1999. That is the only time we have had the pleasure of a Stonegrill meal, but we still talk about it to this day. We have told many of our friends about that meal and wish there was a restaurant in our region (Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan). I would think the idea would be very successful in the area of the country in which we live (USA).

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