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For your guests, it’s all about the sizzle. For the owner, it’s the complete solution.


Let the Sizzle bring them back to your place!

Let’s take a look at some of the issues we all face today:

  • Skilled labor shortage and high staff turnover rates
  • Rising global wage and food costs
  • Increased competition and constantly changing customer expectations
  • Pressure of table time in the modern kitchen

It can be tough to find an edge; something that sets you up for success AND apart from your competitors. But we believe the solution was formed deep below the earth’s surface.

Crafted by Volcanoes. Perfected by Us.

STONEGRILL® is a unique volcanic rock cooking system that is so simple it can be completely prepared, plated and delivered by pretty much anyone, regardless of their culinary experience. This makes serving large numbers quick and easy 24 hours a day.

Regardless of whether you use STONEGRILL® in a standalone format or mix it into a steakhouse, seafood or even Mexican style restaurant, it’s the perfect way to put the WOW into your business. And to top it all off, we’ll even give you exclusive rights to the STONEGRILL® Experience in your area.

The Real Deal

Designed first and launched first in 1985

After more than 30 years of the Verwey family cooking on stones, and further years of exhaustive research and development, the STONEGRILL® dining experience was born and launched in the mid-80’s.

In 1985 the first STONEGRILL® Restaurant, opened in Australia by the company founders, the Verwey family. The company, Stonegrill International Pty. Ltd. and the STONEGRILL® brand was established in 1991 by the family as a private company, and proudly remains so today.

Since it’s introduction, STONEGRILL® has captured the interest of diners, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs throughout the world, and has been incorporated into hundreds of restaurants, cafes, international hotels, clubs and resorts with outstanding success.

The company’s launch on the international market in the 90’s was met with rapid global expansion. This expansion is reflected by the concepts’ success amongst operators internationally, ensuring strong continued growth of the company, and the brand name in a world-wide market.

The past decades has seen the company, and the STONEGRILL® brand expand throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, United Kingdom and Europe, becoming a dominant force globally.

5 Dynamic STONEGRILL® Dining Concepts

We have a dining concept to suit you

Ready to transform your business? Whether you’re just starting out, or looking for a refresh, we have a solution that’s a game changer. We are excited to launch an even stronger presence in the USA with ‘The STONEGRILL® Experience’.

An exciting collection of dynamic STONEGRILL® concepts that offer everything you need to create your own unique dining experience. Building on 38 years of industry knowledge, this latest evolution of The STONEGRILL® Experience offers complete turn-key solutions, including menus, graphics, full recipes and processes direct from the team who own and operate successful multi-venue chains. This ground-breaking innovation offers you extraordinary insight into what it takes to develop a successful STONEGRILL® venue.

Our Ovens

The specially designed STONEGRILL® oven is made to exacting world standards by our company, with a total commitment to quality. Our ovens meet all international safety and sanitation standards, they are cUL, UL, NSF and CE compliant. Built in our large factory in Germany we hold ourselves to a very high standard.

Stonegrill International Pty. Ltd. is the “first and only” company in the world to have back-up service parts built into every STONEGRILL® oven for ultimate reliability and peace of mind.

The oven is the heart of the STONEGRILL® System, and is the only purpose built oven operating on 240V power, and capable of heating the stones “economically” to the required temperature of (752°F), essential for STONEGRILL® cooking.

We have multiple oven sizes with larger capacities ranging from 72 to 120 STONEGRILL® stones. With each oven running three equal and independent inner heating compartments, super consistent stone heat right across the collection is guaranteed – each section is thermostatically controlled.

STONEGRILL® ovens are compact in design, reliable, economical to operate and carry a “Lifetime Guarantee” mechanically and electrically.

  • Are reliable and incredibly economical to operate.
  • Are compact in design, for maximum stone storage and minimum bench space.
  • Are multi-level thermostatically controlled to ensure a perfect stone temperature of (752°F).
  • Require no expensive kitchen modifications.
  • Operate on 15 Amp 240V power and do not require expensive three phase wiring.
  • Placement above bench level ensures safe and easy access.
  • Require no tedious oven cleaning.
  • Burn clean the stones for re-use.
  • Built in service parts for ultimate reliability and peace of mind.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

Recipes and Systems

Over the past 40 years we have developed hundreds of successful food and beverage operations, and we still own and operate small chains of gastro bars today. We have ensured that we have been at the cutting edge of food trends and innovation – our options, concepts and recipes will keep you ahead of the pack.

The STONEGRILL® team, lead by Tony Wheeler and Tony Scott, has designed, written and developed hundreds of menus and thousands of recipes that cater for the many different properties that we have encountered. We specialize in high-volume, high-profit food within a small kitchen space. Our recipes deliver a format that requires no expensive kitchen food but yet produces high quality & healthy food, fast!

Along with food, full kitchen systems and production programs are all available. These detailed systems and programs work to help you with preparation and storage of your food groups, combined with the most up-to-date Food Control Plans – helping you get the very best from your STONEGRILL® Experience.

The team’s drive and passion and understanding the trends and dynamics of global food will get you to winning levels.

Complete Marketing Programs

We are not re-sellers of cheaply made merchandise, we offer the very best, quality equipment – we use it ourselves every day in our own multi-unit properties.

We are the owners and developer of the Jimmy Jacks Rib Shack & Craft Bars, the franchise owners of Sidecar Custom Pizza and Craft Beer Company, co-developers of CBK Craft Bar & Kitchen with many sites, also owners of Raising The Bar consulting company since 1999 – you see bars and restaurants are our game.

We are a driving force in brand development and marketing, our knowledge of the industry gives us access to a great selection of solutions which can change your brand and energize your food offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Stonegrill Licence Agreement allows you to retain total control of your business. We do not get involved in your menus, pricing or advertising. The agreement focuses on product uniformity, quality and presentation.

Yes, Stonegrill will help you choose a suitable system based on your requirements. Additionally, Stonegrill licencees are given access to resources contained within the member’s area of this website. Resources include menu suggestions, operations manual, recipes and promotional material.

An affordable food service system in a complete and proven package.
A system which is easily incorporated with no expensive kitchen modifications.
System installation and training by qualified personnel.
Ongoing commitment and customer service.
Exclusivity within an agreed area.
Use of internationally recognized trademarks.
Equipment back-up service guaranteed.
Technical support during the introduction and continued operation of the Stonegrill System.

No, Stonegrill USA does not demand a percentage of your business turnover or require you to pay towards a compulsory advertising budget. The once only Establishment Fee paid for each system licence provides the Stonegrill equipment required for your venue including delivery right to your door along with technical support, menu implementation and on-site training. Licence and or Lease fees are then discussed, tailored and set to each individual operator’s requirements including but not limited to exclusivity within an agreed area, venue size and associated Stonegrill equipment level specified. Service and support 24/7 is all inclusive.

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