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Degree Bar has been successfully operating a vastly popular and profitable bar, restaurant and late night venue for over 14 years and is shortly coming into its eleventh year of sharing a successful and rewarding relationship with Tony, Peter and Stonegrill New Zealand.

Back then Stonegrill was a relatively new concept which chef’s were wary about. They worried their creativity would be all but gone, however were very quickly won over with this innovative and clever concept. What it achieved for them was the ability to overnight hold better control of their food cost, portion control and labour whilst delivering a unique and theatrical product to the guests table whilst being a healthier choice.

Our steps of service became stronger as we understood the importance of delivering a true table introduction to the concept, helping us engage with our guests further and sharing the banter which came from it, with many a wife stating “oh my husband doesn’t cook anything” to be proven wrong.

To say that Stonegrill encourages repeat business to Degree Bar would be a such an understatement, we have guests who dine with us weekly, never deviating away from their favourite meal, to the point where we can have it delivered to the table as they seat, from watching them walk through the car park.

Being situated in the hugely popular Viaduct harbour the tourists flock to Degree on mass every year looking for the Stonegrill meal which was described to them by tourists of years gone by in their home towns We even have regulars whom dine annually with us from many different countries around the world .

Stonegrill has also enabled us to deliver a more professional and speedy service to our function department, every function and events menu or package has been designed around our Stonegrill offerings which never fail to deliver that wow factor and element of uniqueness to corporate dinners.

I have no hesitation in recommending Stonegrill to any interested party and have led many of such people to Tony and Peter to experience the concept for themselves.

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