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This Month it’s TOP 10s

Staff & skill shortages are a hot topic right now and many people keep asking just about the basics of hospitality and often that’s really where it all comes back to. Last week I was speaking at a chain Conference and it smacked me in the face like a cold wet dish cloth as I was speaking to my group, the basics are missing!

Now so its not all bad news knowledge and change could see your tills ringing…

The Hottest top 10 in my market right now

  1. Fresh Candy Floss: a premium promotion for cocktail night of free cocktail entry rewards
  2. Fresh Fruit Cocktail: Get a juicer and go wild “gin and juice with fresh orange juice” Heaven sent
  3. Celebration: get excited and work your events better birthdays and anniversaries are gold if you are good at them
  4. Bun less burgers: this trend is hot if your patties are amazing over 13% of sales now for myself
  5. Share Desserts & Starters: Chocolate, Cheese Fondue as coming back baby, but so is a combo cake two flavours on one plate two spoons
  6. GIN GIN: Yes, gins are hot and, on the rise,
  7. FRESH Fruits: Ginger and Japanese teas are just some of the new products coming into cocktails in a big way
  8. Better KIDS Menus: Yes, better Kids menus are a hot ticket and about to explode
  9. Asian and Pacific Island Flavours: IN New Zealand we are ahead of the curve but it is on its way to being a global trend in 2019
  10. Health Breakfast: This is another big area of change as healthy eating comes main steam, coconut yogurt and fruit & egg on Avo are two hot keto styles selling well

The Kitchen Basics to Better Food and Better Profits

For many operations it’s easy to just chance the low hanging fruit which is liquor and many are typically focused on their beer, wine and liquor sales. However, putting together a profitable food menu for your operation is a key element in boosting the bottom line and keeping your guests for an average of 53 minutes longer.

Here are 10 things you should think about when developing a profitable food operation for your bar, tavern, pub or bar restaurant.

  1. Reviews and checks – do it on a consistent basis, you will be able to monitor and react to any issues right away, but you must try EVERY meal on the menu and review often for consistency.
  2. PAR Levels – create a PAR level (which refers to the exact amount of product you should have in stock to meet demands) for every item on your menu. Determine how much you sell daily, weekly and monthly and build special PAR for long weekends and events.
  3. Organized Prep – prep for what you need, be aggressive, if your PAR calls for ten be prepared with twelve not 20, selling out of great products is not a sin.
  4. Education – teach, train and communicate. Show your staff what the items on the menu look like, photograph and keep records, discuss with your team how it is made and what the ingredients are. Knowledge is power that leads to increased sales.
  5. Update Pricing in Your Inventory – by keeping track of your prices on incoming foods you will be able to make adjustments on specials or features that will also keep a more accurate inventory.
  6. Set Budgets – “what are my sales going to be this week?” “ok… I have X amount to spend on food.” By monitoring your expenditures as they are happening you will see a decrease in purchases, inventory and food cost.
  7. Eliminate the Super Low – “get them in the door” specials. If not monitored properly this will be a huge loss of money that hits the bottom line, plus can cheapen your brand.
  8. Cross Utilization develop great piggy back products – have different options available for menu items. (i.e. Shrimp, Add Grilled Shrimp to noddle’s, a Caesar Salad, Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp Stir-fry, deep fry them for a sandwich) How many uses can you find for one item? Don’t have all of them on the menu… but offer them for specials or make sure that your guests know that if they would like to have Grilled Shrimp Tacos, the list goes on teach your staff to add and up sell into products you have Your team should know the word is “YES WE CAN ADD” with a resounding “absolutely we can do that for you.”
  9. Dogs & Stars Research– Your signature Meatballs may be your favourite dish but have you looked at the numbers to see exactly how many are being sold? What is the cost of making, holding and eventually discarding that item after it has been prepped and thrown out due to lack of sales?
  10. Simplicity & Signature’s – If you are a neighbourhood bar? Then you need 15 amazing items on your menu that can be executed with precision. Are you an inner-city hot cocktail spot… then why do you have a pasta dish on your menu? Adapt to your surroundings and create items that are concept focused. In addition, create specialty items that will set you apart from the competition.

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