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Yes – ladies love Chocolate Fountains! Getting great looking units with tons of yummy items to dip sitting on the corner of the bar for your lady’s night or Friday night drinks will increase wine and cocktail sales.

Even as a dessert option for events and catering they rock – cheap to run, fun and successful. The question should be why not?

As the Bar and Restaurant industry steps up, many fail to drive traffic or excite guests. They keep just doing the same old things year in year out. Bar and Restaurant traffic drivers are just as important today as ever. Copy and paste has again become the way many operators write menus, simply choosing to steal IP from successful bars in the hope it rubs off on them.

Many hospitality outlets are in danger of becoming irrelevant to their customer base. Developing and reconnecting is more important today and failure to do so will guarantee your demise.

I wish you all ringing tills and happy customers throughout 2019, but its up to you to drive… well, FUN!

Fresh Fruit Cocktail Nights

Grab yourself a juicer and make some FRESH new options and a big FRESH PARTY could drive even more fun.

Here is a poster from one of my own bars and we are loving ‘The Reboot’ – a carrot cocktail which is selling well.

So ask yourself can you be better? Can you offer more? Is your brand fun and relevant?

Summer 2019 is coming on fast for the US and Winter even faster for New Zealand and Australia so let’s go drive some fun back in to your property and make it happen!

Keep the questions coming and have a great profitable month.

Tony Wheeler
[email protected]

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